Tooro Agreement

Omukama Rukidi III supported education and encouraged all Batooro to send their children to school. During his reign, his government granted scholarships to all Batooro who attended high school. One of her own children, Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya, became the third African to graduate from the prestigious University of Cambridge. A law graduate, she was admitted to the English bar. In 1900, Omukama Kyebambe Kasagama signed an agreement with the gentleman. H. Johnston, who made Tooro part of the British protectorate. It was therefore in a true spirit of patriotism that he sent a brawl of young Batooro soldiers during the First Worl War to fight on the side of the Allies. For this patriotic victim, Omukama Daudi Kyebambe Kasagama was h.M. King George VI of England was awarded the Order .B.E.

Counsel for the complainant also argued that the legal personality certainly cannot be the king, but the kingdom, which is attributed to successive monarchical positions. The king cannot be a capitalist or an institution. The fact that Tooro Kingdom is therefore the institution responsible for the traditional leader of Tooro has been rightly prosecuted. The agreements were concluded by the kingdom, with the Prime Minister signing for the kingdom and not for the Umukaama of Tooro. After the death of Omukama Kaboyo Olimi I, several other kings and princes followed to the throne of Tooro. Some of them did not rule for a very short time, during which time they were still called “Omubiito” (prince), with the right-wing title “Rukirabasaija Omukama”. If we include these princes, the number of Batooro kings is 8. Today`s omukama is Rukirabasaija Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV. A brief note on each Omukama follows. It should be noted here that the digital name of the kings of Tooro differs from the list of bunyoro kings before Tooro comes off. For this reason, for example, while there were in total two kings named Olimi on the throne of Tooro, Omukama Patrick was Matthew Kaboyo Olimi Olimi VII. The peoples of the kingdom are the Batooro, and their language is also called Rutooro.

[1] [3] The Batoro and Banyoro speak closely related languages, Lutoro and Lunyoro, and share many other similar cultural traits. [3] The Batoro live on Uganda`s western border, south of Lake Albert. [1] On 23.07.2009, the complainant entered into an agreement with Tooro Kingdom regarding the lease of Block 73, Land 20 of the Property Registration. On 19.09.2013, the complainant brought a civil action no FPT – CV 246/2013 accusing Tooro Kingdom of having rendered a judgment and it is indisputable that he wants to annex a plot of land to Block 73 of Burahya, Land 1 of the Free Hold Register, owned by a third party, the Omukama de Tooro (because of its functions), to which it is legally registered on 17/12/1998.