Swinburne Sponsorship Agreement Form

If you are currently working at Victoria University and think you need to be sponsored for your course, please contact [email protected] directly for more information. Your sponsor can complete the internal sponsorship contract form (A89). Sponsorship agreements may be submitted from the date of registration on the relevant date of the population census or on the date of the Vocational Training Survey/TAFE. You can either be submitted: Each sponsorship contract is valid for the period shown on each form. The student and sponsor must submit a completed external sponsorship form. A sponsorship invoice showing all fees for each sponsored student is issued to the promoter as soon as the agreement has been processed. The signing of these forms involves entering into a contract with a third party between the sponsor, the student and Victoria University. When this period ends, the student and sponsor must submit a new agreement. The sponsor is responsible for all costs indicated until the end of the sponsorship agreement or the termination date of the contract, if it is terminated prematurely.

If the full payment is not received on the due date, a charge is imposed on each pending student file. This charge prevents the student: contact [email protected] for a model for the participant`s confirmation. Sponsors must indicate the full payment of the sponsored fee up to the due date indicated on each invoice. As a student currently enrolled, you can be sponsored by your employer or by a third-party organization that agrees to assume your financial responsibilities (i.e.. Make your course fees pay).