Service Level Agreement Website Development

A service or feature described as “advanced ALS benefits” as follows: the service availability target is 99%, and you will receive a credit of 3% of the applicable monthly fee for each half-hour shutdown exceeding these targets. With the exception of these amendments, all other ALA conditions apply as usual. b. WordPress themes and plugins: We use our innovative architecture 3 abundant environment for theme and plugin updates to ensure that unstable updates are taken before arriving at your public site. Our standard update procedure for themes and plugins is a weekly process that works as follows: 11. WEBSITE SERVICES 11.1 DG will offer third-party services offered by Google to improve the performance of their sites. The DG may include in the offers the setting up and maintenance of these third-party services. GD is not liable to the customer for interruptions, non-compliance or cancellation of the provision of these services by third parties. Unique Web Design Inc. is pleased to support its web hosting services with this service level agreement (“SLA”). This ALS is included in the customer`s agreement with us and has made it part of it.

The terms that are not defined in this ALS have the definitions contained in the agreement. The corrective measures described in this ALS are the client`s only and exclusive corrective action in favour of ALS. While we will not change these ALSs arbitrarily, we can do so from time to time. If we make a change to this ALS, we will notify the customer (for example. B by email or notification in the customer`s control area). The notification sets the effective date for any changes. It is important that the client completely checks ALS. j. If you request technical assistance for topics that we consider outside the scope of our technical assistance services, we may offer our assistance at your discretion, depending on availability and additional costs. We will inform you and get your approval before receiving technical assistance. “Base Monthly Service Fee” consists exclusively of the monthly basic fee paid by the customer for the World Wide Myanmar service concerned and excludes any other fees that could be charged to the customer, including, for example and not restriction, installation fees, local loop fees, space rental fees, fees for additional services such as managed services , the use of incremental bandwidth or hard drives available at no additional cost under world Wide standard rates. , hourly assistance and other optional additional services.