Secondment Agreement In Qatar

When the Member returns to the principal employer after the end of the secondment, it is often impossible to expect termination rights under local legislation. However, we often see problems where, for whatever reason, the employment relationship collapses. It is therefore advisable to look at the above issues from the outset and deal with them as effectively as possible. With respect to the detachment, I understand it should be renewed every six months. So if you have completed 6 months and you are on secondment and if you have a work visa, if your boss is in order to give you the NOC, you can move. It is largely wrong to believe that local labour laws can be repealed or agreed by an agreement with the worker. This is not the case and, in the event of litigation, local courts would grant a “second” all rights and rights under local labour law, regardless of the contrary wording in an agreement. It says: “The sponsorship act set the deadline for secondment at six months. This period may be extended by a similar period and, during this period, institutions must change their situation, since the promoter withdraws his employee to work with him or authorizes the transfer of his sponsorship to the employer who borrowed it. NOTE: Despite the fact that Qatar`s new immigration law attempted to remove the use of the word “sponsorship” for employment, we maintained the concept of sponsorship in this article for ease when we are detached, that is, the fact that the sponsor in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar is another entity or individual that is the employer.

In addition, at the end of the posting (and thus employment in the local agency), the Member may be entitled to a service allowance payment calculated under local labour law. Similarly, it may be possible to suspend or change the conditions of primary employment during the duration of the secondment. It depends on the law of primary employment. I am sorry. I`m not going to transfer the visa, I just want to do the service transfer. Please help me with this precious answer. Whether or not I can make the detachment It is imperative that the terms of secondment be clearly documented and that Members of Parliament know how and why they are seconded and how the conditions of these detachments attempt to manage expectations in the event of future litigation. In addition, employers should ensure that workers know how their “detachment rules” differ from those that can be characterized as on-site secondment, for example.

B. In Qatar, the Ministry of the Interior may authorize a “detachment” or “loan” between two Qatari entities; this provision is significantly different from that of the international detachments covered in this article. There should be a trade agreement between the main employer and the local promoter that records the terms of the agreement, including day-to-day employment issues, payment of labour costs and liability for any right to work.