Sale Deed Value Less Than Sale Agreement

Dear Chhayakant, in your case, that the field record `ll happen – 42L Rs. Amount less than 50L Rs. TDS is not applicable. Therefore, even if you sell below the value of stamp tax, the sale consideration for the calculation of the u/h capital gain will be the value of the stamp tax that can be assessed or evaluated by the Stamp Valuation Authority. It is therefore advisable to always make a sale agreement at least at the value of the stamp tax, or we can say the dominant circular rates of the area where the country or building is located. If the consideration of sale received or resulting from the transfer of an asset is considered a sales charge if the country or the building or both are less than the value of the stamp tax. However, if the notator states that the SDV exceeds the fair value of the property, the notator may refer the capital asset valuation to the valuation manager. Therefore, when calculating taxable capital gains, you must consider the OAS or fair value, based on the highest value. With an amount below the circular rate means you have to pay less stamp duty and this cannot happen, under 2018 household 5 percent rate difference, the selling value of 5 percent below the circular rate the two sections mentioned above for income tax will not be attracted. I bought an apartment recently. As this is a sub-construction property, I obtained a sales contract with the “X” amount and another construction contract with the “Y” amount. Now, the sale will reflect X-Y or only “X.” Builder says the sale should be only the amount indicated in the sales contract.

It`s true? I would like to use a housing loan for land acquisition and construction. My problem is that the bank only allows me to sanction loans on the land registration value, but not on the actual purchase value. The actual value is much higher than the registration value. But now I need credit for the actual purchase value. Please suggest what are the possibilities that I can get the loan for the real value of the land (except the purchase of land and the registration value should be the same :)) If stamp duty is paid to 37 lakes by the buyer, the sale benefit for capital gain purposes is only 37 lakes. There is nothing wrong with paying capital gains tax for the amount of consideration actually received, which is higher than the circular rate. 7. The difference in return, that is, the difference between the application rate and the district rate, will be added to the revenues of both parties.

Even if the seller is willing to undervalue the property and sell it at an undervalued price, the buyer must pay the corresponding stamp duty based on the prescribed circular value of the property. I bought a pun apartment for Rs 1.05 cr – the value of the stamp tax for the same is 1.31 cr, so what will be the effect in my income tax books? The buyer must pay taxes based on the value set by the government in some states, it is called the value of sub-registrar value/guidelines below, that even if you sell real estate still buyer must pay stamp duty on the value of policies.